Keeping Online Flings a Secret from Her

When it comes to looking for tips on how to have a fling online, there is no greater concern than being found out by the woman you are already involved with. Fortunately, there are plenty of workarounds for keeping things under tabs without impairing your efforts. Whether it is keeping her from noticing something on a device she has access to or keeping things under wraps while out enjoying yourself with the other woman, following a few simple tricks are all you need to stay ahead of the game. You get some interesting fling dating secrets at flingsiteguide. Click here to get amazing hookup tips.

Don’t Do Anything from a Shared Computer

First and foremost is keeping your activities away from any device she might want to use for any reason. In other words, your computer is just the beginning when it comes to protecting and preparing yourself. For some people, sharing a computer is anathema to their day-to-day lives, for others however this is a day-to-day occurrence. Of course, if you don’t intend to ever share your technological pride and joy, there is still a fair chance of having to lend it to her for some reason or another. Whatever the case may be, refrain from using something she is familiar with to set up your flings. This means your computer, yes, but it also means your smartphone, tablet, or any other device with an Internet connection that she has consistent access to.

For some guys, that means buying completely different devices and using them when she is not around. For those of us that cannot spring for all of those extra gadgets, there are always the Liverpool Internet cafes. If a separate machine or a public one do not appeal, however, there is a way of using your own in such a way that keeps her from being able to tell what you have been doing on it. Of course, there are ways of doing this that mess with your settings and force you to keep things impersonal, but we have found that making a separate account is much preferable to those. Not only does it mean that you can keep the ease of use that comes with customizing how your machine works and allowing your browser to keep track of things like your history, bookmarks, and other useful things, but if she is suspicious for any reason, logging into your account and finding no trace even when you have a full history among other things is a good way to allay her concerns.

In terms of setting this up, there are two things you need to immediately tackle: a guest account, and private browsing. This might seem like overkill, since it forces both your browser specifically and your operating system as well to completely forget about everything you have done, but going the distance in preparation means fewer headaches and concerns later down the line. So take our word for it, log into an admin account on your usual machine and setup a guest login. Guest logins were originally made for the sake of sharing your computer with someone you did not want to be able to change anything or affect your settings. This means that you not only have the perfect place to go about your online dating research, but a ready-made reason for bothering to set something like this up anyway. Now, in addition to this, we still recommend making sure that whatever browser you use is set to a private browsing session. This means that it does not keep track of what you are doing, or allow websites to store information on your computer. This is just an extra safeguard to make sure that even if you forget to log out when you are done, she probably won’t notice anything.

Use a Separate Email Account

After all of that, this should seem like a piece of cake. Frankly, if you have looked up any information on how to have a fling online, this should have been one of the first suggestions no matter what the guide talked about. That is because not only is this a good way to keep your current girl from finding out who you are involved with, it also does a great job of keeping your personal information out of the hands of strangers. Women who can be shown the email account they are familiar with at a minute’s notice and without concern for what they may see are far more likely to believe you aren’t actually cheating on them. More importantly, however, is the fact that they can always sign up for any of the same sites as you, and if you use the same email forever thing, the chances of being discovered rise significantly.

Invest in a Second Phone

Along those same lines as the above suggestions, getting yourself a second phone, or at least using a separate number for online dating sites is a great way to keep her from getting too suspicious. You do not even have to keep her from ever seeing it to have this work, either. In most cases, telling her it is for work not only explains the phone, but your need to answer it at any point you feel the need. Telling her it’s your boss in Liverpool is an easy enough way to write off someone calling in the middle of the night. Likewise, making a show of putting it away or setting it on silent whenever you really want to make a good impression is an extra bonus that is always worth the effort of keeping up the ruse. If, however, that still sounds like a lot of extra work when you are pretty sure you can get away with just answering your phone like normal, consider our previous advice about changing your email. This is not just for the sake of being able to write of strange phone calls and texts. It is also for the sake of not being played into revealing your pastime. Any website you have access to she does as well, and talking one of us into giving out our number for a hook up is not exactly an easy thing to do. If she really thinks you are pulling a fast one on her, there is no telling how deep she will look for a confirmation. Due diligence will save you every time.

Meet Your Fling out of Town

This should be fairly straight forward, but for some reason, when people look for tips on how to have a fling online, they tend to forget to bring this up. We think is has something to do with the high level of common sense involved. If you are going to cheat on her in any way at all, making sure to do it somewhere she is least likely to see or find out about should not be considered new information. We, however, have seen too many people forget to apply this simple advise to their online dating in the same way they would hooking up with someone on a bar crawl not to mention it. So, keep your head on straight when you look for a quick fling and make sure to take her out or meet up in a different town.